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The Speed Conversion Calculator will convert among different units of speed including km/s, km/h, m/s, knot, and mph.

Speed Unit Conversion


Speed Conversion Calculator FAQ
You can convert between the following units of speed: kilometer/second, kilometer/hour, meter/second, knot, miles/hour.

How shall I use the Speed Unit Converter?

Select the unit of speed you want to convert from, then the unit you want to convert to. Next, enter the speed value you want to convert. The speed unit conversion happens immediately. Our Speed Conversion Calculator works in both directions: If you enter a value in the other field, it can also change the unit back from it. You can also decide how many decimal places you would like to see in the result.

How shall I convert between units of speed?

Conversion between speed units usually involves a simple multiplication or division. You only have to know the correct conversion rate. This piece of information is enough to be able to convert 1 kilometer to mile. Let’s take a simple example!

Let’s say that you want to find out how many miles are 100 km/h. We know that 1 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 0.6213711917 miles/hour (mph) (so this is the conversion rate between km/h and mi). So if you want to calculate how many miles 100 km/ are, you need to do the following:

  1. You only have to multiply 100 with the conversion rate (i.e. with 0.6213711917).
  2. The result 100 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 62.1371 miles/hour (mph)

OK, but what if you want to make a speed conversion in the opposite direction? If you want to convert from mph to km/h, you have to use the conversion rate mentioned above. Yet, this is the opposite direction, so instead of multiplication, we use the conversion rate for division. In this example it means:

You would like to know how many km/h 100 mph are.

  1. Divide 100 by 0.6213711917.
  2. The result is 160.9344 (km/h).

Speed Conversion Chart

These are the most common and most frequently searched speed unit conversions:

(Results are rounded to 4 digits.)

1 kilometer/second (km/s) = 3600 kilometer/hour (km/h)
1 kilometer/second (km/s) = 1000 meter/second (m/s)
1 kilometer/second (km/s) = 1943.8445 knot (kn)
1 kilometer/second (km/s) = 2236.9363 miles/hour (mph)

1 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 0.0003 kilometer/second (km/s)
1 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 0.2778 meter/second (m/s)
1 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 0.54 knot (kn)
1 kilometer/hour (km/h) = 0.6214 miles/hour (mph)

1 meter/second (m/s) = 0.001 kilometer/second (km/s)
1 meter/second (m/s) = 3.6 kilometer/hour (km/h)
1 meter/second (m/s) = 1.9438 knot (kn)
1 meter/second (m/s) = 2.2369 miles/hour (mph)

KNOT (kn)
1 knot (kn) = 0.0005 kilometer/second (km/s)
1 knot (kn) = 1.852 kilometer/hour (km/h)
1 knot (kn) = 0.5144 meter/second (m/s)
1 knot (kn) = 1.1508 miles/hour (mph)

1 miles/hour (mph) = 0.0004 kilometer/second (km/s)
1 miles/hour (mph) = 1.6093 kilometer/hour (km/h)
1 miles/hour (mph) = 0.447 meter/second (m/s)
1 miles/hour (mph) = 0.869 knot (kn)

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